We are your unfair advantage when it comes to developing textiles.
Our speciality is our own development workshop where we have a wide range of different machines available to test and produce every thinkable textile workmanship. Here we develop highly functional garments, hardware and consumer products for clients in outdoor, active sports, fashion, medical, and military around the globe.

Marcel began his career as an apprentice in the field of tailoring and went on to a design internship at a snowboard apparel brand in Canada. After returning to Switzerland he co-founded a skiwear label that remains successfully in business today. He stayed with the brand for seven years before co-founding Development Never Stops in 2009.

Before studying design in Munich, Germany, Thomas was a tailor's apprentice. After completing his studies he moved to Italy where he worked as a designer for several renowned fashion houses. Back in Munich he started focusing on fitting and prototype development. Before co-founding Development Never Stops he worked as Head of Design Sportswear for an American underwear manufacturer and as Product Manager at a Swiss company that specializes in functional underwear.

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Development Never Stops was founded in 2009 by Marcel Geser, Thomas Deutschenbaur and Matthieu Haeuslein in Zurich, Switzerland.
Our friend Matthieu passed away in a tragic accident in 2014, but will forever remain a part of this company.